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How To Find A Reputable Private Investigator? 

Investing in China, starting or developing a company in China, or doing business and business with Chinese companies are difficult tasks. You don't know if that person is as real and legal as they say. Who should you trust?

There are hundreds of reasons to hire private corporate detectives, background credit investigations, collecting business intelligence, investigating insurance claims, finding missing persons, personal administrative protection, and more. Sometimes, you can't just rely on a $ 9.99 Internet database search to get the information you need. You need to hire the right people and make the right decisions.

Red Star understands these issues and has more than 10 years of private detective experience and strong business capabilities. Our recommended private investigator provides foreign companies and investors with a series of fast, confidential and professional business / personal investigation services in a professional, legal and ethical manner, providing the required information and evidence.

Red Star is a trusted and leading personal detective agency based on global standards and has an excellent reputation in China's private investigation industry. Our clients include multinational companies and SMEs, as well as individuals seeking help.

Our discoveries and solutions are critical to protecting companies, assets and people, and benefit hundreds of customers worldwide. We pride ourselves on providing results-oriented services.

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We will discuss some of the more important issues and how to make a decision when hiring a Chinese PI.


We are a commercial company with industry and commerce registration in China and Hong Kong.


In China, Red Star has 10 years of investigation experience in this area. Most of the experience of our Chinese private investigators come from the practical application of investigations over the years, and the focus of private investigators' entire career has been in the field of investigations. As professional private investigators, we strive to understand the issues you face and what information is most important to you. We help companies and the public with legal, financial and personal issues, always aiming for your satisfaction without wasting your time and money. Looking for a private detective? Contact us.


It is very difficult to find a Chinese private investigator who has sufficient experience in any field to become an "expert". You are more likely to find people who have experience in multiple areas. As a PI, focusing on only one area is counterproductive, because the essence of this industry is to require experience in different fields. This is of course as diverse as possible on the basis of the investigators' most interest.

Background and referees:

Getting a special recommendation from a private detective can be a bit difficult. It is strictly forbidden to disseminate information about customers and cases. In fact, a PI needs to be authorized from a licensed employer (customer) before a PI  "may" disclose information about the customer and/or any case. This applies to anyone who is or has been a licensed employer, and an employee of any employer. A private detective may tell you that they work for "some of the biggest insurance companies" or "the top 500 companies on the Fortune list", but tell you the name, date, contact person, the particularity of the case, or the dignity of any crisis legal secrecy system are clearly prohibited.

Why Hire A Private Investigator?

Sometimes the real question is whether to hire a private detective. In a cooperative project, a case, and the simple behavior of hiring a PI, you can clearly know how to move forward.


Your cooperation with private investigators is based on the exchange of information, which is not one-way. That is, you should share as much information as you know. Concealing important information can often have serious adverse effects on investigations. In addition, it will take extra time to dig the information you already have. This is equivalent to saying that you sometimes overly doubt the ability of investigators. When you inform investigators well of the information you have, you give him or her the opportunity to optimize their investigations. Otherwise, you are wasting money.

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