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About China Red Star Corporation

China Red Star is a legally registered commercial entity. Our clients can be corporate, institutional, individual citizens, or government agencies. We must have a reasonable mandate to reject tasks that are not associated or illegal. The content of our investigation methods must be legal, and illegal technical means and taboo project investigations are prohibited. Our service authority comes from authorization, and the investigations authority and legal basis of the business investigations come from legal authorization. Our services and investigations include specific people and things, but do not involve state secrets, personal privacy, and other restricted areas.

The risks of commercial trade in the global market continue to increase, and the competition, corporate fraud threats, and risks faced by enterprises are escalating. Most companies lack professional personnel and powerful resources to find valuable information and business intelligence, and cannot make timely and correct decisions. We have a deep understanding of customer needs, skilled use of investigation methods, strict adherence to work processes, the pursuit of service quality, effective application of technical means, adherence to the principle of customer supremacy, and accurate business information. 

Efficiently avoid various risks for customers, eliminate hidden dangers of enterprise development, save labor costs, improve corporate performance, assist customers to make correct business decisions, achieve human's breakthrough, and develop win-win! Whether you are a large, medium, small, or just a start-up company, when your business is in the process of harming the relevant interests of the company, China Red Star will discuss with you to assist you in solving each incident and to prevent any incidents that further harm your business's interests. Our customized in-depth investigation service can meet the investigation needs of different levels, needs, and content. We strictly abide by professional ethics, strictly protect customers' business secrets, protect the development of the company, escort for business security, and ensure the smooth operation of customers in a fair and just business environment.

Our base is located in China and has a wide range of services. The founding team is the earliest pioneer in the private investigator industry in China. Based on the business risk investigation, we provide information and information support for the prevention and control of internal and external environmental risks, the collection of competitive intelligence, and the acquisition of evidence for safeguarding rights. We take action for enterprises to avoid risks, eliminate hidden dangers, and gain a competitive advantage. Provide support for the settlement of rights protection incidents and strengthen business security. We focus on the needs of our clients, provide credible results in compliance with the law, enable companies to make the right decisions, and create value for the business; Provide professional and comprehensive business investigations to help companies with problems and troubles avoid risks and reduce losses. We always carry out high-quality work in a highly confidential manner, enabling companies to move safely and smoothly on the road to their business strategy and corporate vision.

The private investigators of Red Star are located in China, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and Xi'an. We are proud to provide companies around the world with some of the most effective, thorough, and accurate business investigation services in China, helping more than 100 international companies successfully identify risks, recover losses and help them make the right business decisions.

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