6 Million US Dollars! 80 People Participated!
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6 Million US Dollars! 80 People Participated!

6 million US dollars! 80 people participated! The Los Angeles multinational online scam pulled out a big cyber fraud case.

"Online love is risky, don't play money." This is to say that it can not be tolerated thousands of times, idiots and women boring heads in the bar, but who knows such a person "transnational love" has pulled out the US cyber fraud, scam 6 million dollars, 80 people involved! The suspects are mainly Nigerians. On August 22, 2018, the United States Federal Inspectorate officially sued the 80 people, and the fraud gang was exposed to a scam:


The "US Army Captain" stationed in Syria talked with the Japanese girl about online dating

Love comes too fast like a tornado

The romantic scam began in the summer of March 2016, when a man who claimed to be a captain of the US military in Syria, Garcia, extended an olive branch to a Japanese woman FK on an international dating site.

Garcia sends a love message to FK every day in English. She translates the emails through Google and responds.

A few weeks later, their relationship quickly developed into an online relationship. Although the language was unreasonable, they could not stop their great "love."

Garcia told FK that because of the Syrian army, it was impossible to use a mobile phone or a telephone, and only mail could communicate. "Love" can break everything, the woman did not care, and always used the mail to talk to the man about love.

Found that bricks need money to transport

Soon after, Garcia told immersed in love FK, he found a bag of diamonds in Syria and needed her to help smuggle diamonds out of this war-torn country.

He said that he was injured and could not smuggle out the masonry. In order to facilitate the smooth transfer, she could only be introduced to his colleagues. This colleague called him a "Red Cross diplomat" who can ship diamonds to FK.

Then the "Red Cross diplomat" introduced another man who called himself a "shipping company" to FK. The man of this airline constantly asks FK for money to get through the Syrian customs relationship and ensure that the parcel will not be inspected at the customs.

Immediately after Garcia demanded additional payments, he asked for money for different reasons each time and explained why the parcel stayed in customs and needed more money to transport the bricks out.

FK estimates that she paid at least $200,000 in the 10 months she spent with Garcia. The money was borrowed from friends, ex-husbands and other relatives. FK sent her up to 10 to 15 emails a day asking her to give money, so she kept spending money on accounts in Turkey, the UK and the US.

The scam was exposed

But in fact, Garcia does not exist. Federal officials said that all this was an international cyber scam in the Los Angeles area with the help of two Nigerian men in the hands of other countries.

On Thursday, August 22, US prosecutors sued 80 people, most of them Nigerians, who participated in a wide-ranging conspiracy to defraud at least $6 million from businesses and vulnerable older women. FK is one of the victims.

FK who knows the truth is very angry and frustrated. She thought she would find a lover who she could rely on for a lifetime. Who knows she is actually an international cyber fraud gang. The liar not only lied to her money but also stole her heart.

In a public criminal indictment, she said: When FK discussed the impact of these losses on her, she began to cry.


Big scam gangs come to the surface

The US federal grand jury announced on Thursday, August 22, a criminal indictment of 252 counts, suing 80 people from all over the world, 11 of whom were arrested in Southern California. Dozens of people are at large.

According to the criminal indictment, the defendants' targets are victims in the United States and around the world, who engage in love fraud and commercial email fraud. The FBI says the plans have led to at least $6 million in fraudulent transfers. And trying to steal another 40 million US dollars.

The FBI says this is one of the largest online fraud schemes the agency has ever seen.

Fraud gangs have deceived not only individuals but also countless businesses. When targeting companies, they used a strategy called "commercial email compromise," also known as CEO fraud. Under the plan, fraudsters can enter a company's computer system and then pretend to be a company executive, tricking an employee into the unauthorized transfer to a bank account controlled by the fraudster.


In 2014, a clothing distributor in San Diego remitted nearly $46,000 to a bank account controlled by one of the scammers, arguing that the company was paying a Chinese supplier for the cost of buying a men's shirt.

In 2016, an unidentified Texas company was tricked into remitting $187,000 to a fraudulent account. The company thought it was paying for an oil production equipment order.

The conspiracy also targets scams for the elderly and women. The FK mentioned is one of the victims of the love scam.


In 2016, a Japanese woman FK lost more than $200,000 in a 10-year love scam with a fraudster posing as a captain in the US military in Syria.

In 2017, an 86-year-old man with Alzheimer's disease and Alzheimer's disease remitted nearly $12,000 to a bank account controlled by one of the fraudsters.

Paul Delacourt, assistant director of the FBI's case, said: Their main target is for disadvantaged groups of individuals, as well as reputable companies, who are deceived by complex online fraud and transfer funds.


The mastermind of fraud is determined, the investigator reminds everyone to pay attention to cyber fraud

The 31-year-old Carson's Valentine Iro and the 38-year-old Gardiner's Chukwudi Christogunus are the main leaders of the fraud group. They are both Nigerian citizens living in Los Angeles who have been arrested. So far, a total of 11 people have been arrested and dozens of people are at large.

Paul Drakot of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation's Los Angeles branch warned people to be careful because the nationwide love scam is escalating. The number of old people being defrauded is also increasing.

The Federal Trade Commission has said that fraud against vulnerable groups has caused Americans to lose more than any other fraud reported by the agency last year. In 2018 alone, more than 21,000 people were defrauded, involving $143 million.

So, be careful when you have money transactions!

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