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China Red Star is a corporate investigation agency specializing in providing risk investigation and rights protection services for enterprises and has a deep understanding of China's business environment and social culture. For many years, we have been committed to the security field of enterprises, mainly providing enterprises with investment cooperation, transaction business, employee violations, infringement and counterfeit investigation and evidence collection services.

With extensive experience, China Red Star assisted in investigating cases of commercial fraud, intelligence gathering, personal risk, commercial leakage, brand equity forensics, and economic debt disputes. Four major business directions have been formed: business investigation, risk prevention, rights protection and evidence collection, and employee investigation.

Among numerous corporate investigations companies, we win with integrity and excellent service. Strengthen business security for enterprises, provide legal and effective business investigations, rights forensics services, and risk solutions to help enterprises develop and assist them to make correct business plans and decisions.

Our Advantages
  • Red Star secret detective agency has complete independence and rich industry experience. It is a corporate detective agency with a professional investigation level and noble professional ethics.

  • Red Star corporate investigation agency is a corporate investigations firm that emphasizes practical advice and how to put it into practice.

  • Red Star China investigation agency is one of the most trusted business survey companies to provide customers with detective agency services solutions and strictly keep their business secrets confidential.

  • Red Star Chinese investigator team is committed to serving you with integrity and loyalty to the detective firm's mission and vision.

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