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China RedStar is a corporate investigation agency specialized in providing risk investigation and rights protection for enterprises. Over the years, we have been committed to the security and risk areas of enterprises, mainly providing enterprises with investigations and evidence collection services for investment cooperation, transaction business, employee violations, infringement and counterfeiting, etc. We have a deep understanding of China's business environment and social culture. 

With a wealth of experience, RedStar assisted in the investigation of commercial fraud, intelligence collection, human risk, business leaks, brand rights forensics, economic debt disputes and other aspects of the case. The formation of business investigation, risk prevention, rights protection forensics, employee survey as the main four major business directions, developed a series of services such as commercial investigation and evidence collection and risk prevention control. In the service based on integrity and excellence, we provide legal and effective business investigation, rights and evidence collection services and risk solutions for enterprises to solve and strengthen business security through the establishment of strategic partners, helping enterprises develop and assist enterprises to make correct business plans and decision, working closely with corporate customers to build a safe and honest business environment.

Our Advantages
  • RedStar has complete independence and rich industry experience and has won professional dignity and professional honor through professional investigation level and noble professional ethics.

  • RedStar submitted the results instead of the report, emphasizing practical advice and how to put it into practice.

  • RedStar strictly guards the customer's trade secrets and is responsible for the solutions provided to the customers.

  • The RedStar team is based on honesty and integrity for our customers, and we are loyal to the company's mission and vision.

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